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Trump Caught the Swamp


Trump: "I caught the Swamp"

President Trump came out with complete confidence and was definitive in his statement to the LameStream media by stating "I caught the swamp!"

Schiff up to more Schiff


Schiff up to more Schiff 

 Adam Schiff is up to no good again.  We are hearing that he is planning to harass President Trump again, and give him the Kavanaugh treatment.  

ABC News & Amy Robach are cowards


  ABC News and Amy Robach (News Anchor) are Cowards.  They knew about pedophile crimes and did not report to the authorities.  

Comey Flipped


Comey Flipped - Confirmed by DOD Insider

 Comey would never flip on a one of his buddies. But something must have happened to have him turn on his own "buddies".   


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